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The natural ingredients in this conditioner strengthen and condition the hair. Moisturize and give shine.

  • Conditioner 200ml
  • Dispenser
  • Extract of bio violet blossoms
  • Extract of bio elder blossoms
  • Extract of bio lavender blossoms

This conditioner is an essential part of hair care and should be used on clammy hair after EVERY hair wash. It contains nourishing ingredients of natural origin that nourish, moisturize and protect the hair. The hair surface is sealed and thus protected from harmful environmental influences such as sun, heat, thermostyling, etc.

The scalp is moisturized and the conditioner thus has a preventive effect against scall appearance. It helps against roughened, split or easily breaking hair. But this conditioner can also be used for hair that “flies” easily, i.e. becomes electrostatically charged.

The natural substances that are built into the conditioner help against dulland difficult-to-comb hair.

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