Professional Mascara

incl. VAT 22 %

A professional mascara that, thanks to its balanced and rich texture, gives the expression of your eyes a deep intensity - as modeled by the make-up artist. This mascara gives the lashes more fullness and thanks to the innovative texture it gives an intense, elegant and long-lasting effect - without TEA and parabens. It gives you a special charisma... just like that.

  • 12ml
  • Bottle

A creamy emulsion born from the perfect synergy of the ingredients it contains: the structure is enriched by a natural polysaccharide with remarkable non-thickening properties. The result is a well-structured and non-tacky film. A mixture of vegetable and synthetic waxes that gives volume to the lashes with great fixing power; a water-soluble polymer imparts fluidity and density to the structure; a polymer that ensures a long-lasting effect and forms a film resistant to abrasion and moisture, in addition to promoting the distribution of pigments.

With a single application you get 3 functions:

  • gives volume to the lashes
  • extended fixed
  • For resistance to high temperatures and water!

The mascara includes a professional eyelash brush, which immediately gives visible volume. It is packaged in a 12ml gold-metallized case (over 50% more content than the market average). Each mascara is fully sealed for quality and safety reasons.

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