Our country has many sights, a good climate, excellent natural products such as water, plants, fruits and lots of sun. A starting point for the production of many products as well as natural cosmetic products.

Our home is in Trento, where we have been one of the first manufacturers to produce natural cosmetics for over 30 years. Surrounded by the incomparable nature of the Dolomites and the beautiful South Tyrol, our natural environment inspires us every day.

Many years ago we started producing cosmetic products without chemicals, without mineral oils and without microplastics, only with natural ingredients and we quickly realized that it is not that easy if you want to bring a good product onto the market.

Chemical raw materials are much easier to process, do not deteriorate as quickly and are cheaper. Mineral oils give the end products application advantages that are difficult to achieve with natural oils. Microgranules are easy to process and inexpensive to buy. When we started to work only with natural raw materials, all the studies on the harmfulness of many raw materials didn't even exist.

We made it out of the belief that nature cannot harm humans and that it is certainly more sustainable. We want to be different. We want to create alternative natural products that improve the physical and mental well-being of our customers.

It was a rocky road, and to some extent it still is today. If you only think of the packaging of the products, where a solution without plastic is almost impossible. What is the use of finding ingenious solutions with natural materials if they are not economically feasible. With all their love for nature, customers also look at the price.

At the beginning, our products are mainly in beauty institutes, salons and farms. Due to the increased sensitivity to less classic, towards natural cosmetics, our sales locations have also changed. You will therefore increasingly find us in (natural) drugstores, selected pharmacies and organically oriented supermarkets.


Only the best for you - we love and live natural cosmetics!

Values and Convictions

We believe that ethics and philosophy form a unit. Without beliefs about the way of looking at life and things, it is not possible to develop values.

From the very beginning of our activity, we have dedicated ourselves to the values of nature. Sustainability, environmental compatibility and careful use of the resources available to us play a major role in what we do. Our philosophy is also laid down in our quality manual, every employee lives according to it. Likewise, we only cooperate with suppliers who have proven over the years that they can deliver quality combined with naturalness.

The best result for the customer - for you!


Sustainability and climate neutrality should not be slogans for us, but reality.
That is why our products
- 98-100% natural
- 100% vegan
- biodegradable
- climate neutral
- without microplastics
- without paraffins
- with the latest generation of biodegradable surfactants
- only with preservatives and antioxidants which are permitted for natural cosmetics
- with extracts which were obtained without chemical aids
- local raw materials wherever possible
- Sustainable packaging made from glass and reclaimed material wherever possible
- without leaflet
- biological raw materials where it makes sense and is possible
Long before animal testing was banned in cosmetics, we were using raw materials that were not tested on animals.
We do not offer an environmentally harmful express service for transport, nor do we take back the packaging, which would only further pollute the environment through the additional transport.